• Students in the last semesters (minimum of 70% of university credits) or recent graduates from the bachelor’s degree.

  • For the in-person modality, they should live and study in the northern part of the city or the State of Mexico, or alternatively, should have no issue with commuting to the Cuatro Caminos area.

What we offer
  • Personalized and continuous training.
  • An appropriate workspace at the Foto Museo facilities.
  • Work activities in line with the professional profile.
Current programs available
  • We have current agreements with UAM, UNAM, UACM, IPN, Claustro de Sor Juana, UVM, UNILA.

    Registration open to other universities.

  • Photography Archive

  • Communication

  • Design

  • Management and administration


Contact us to learn more about available programs, specifications, and requirements.