foto museo 4.0

Foto Museo 4.0 is an initiative spearheaded by the Pedro Meyer Foundation. Its primary objective is to make contemporary image education and understanding accessible to all.

Our dedication to photography and contemporary visual culture perseveres in the online realm. Transformed into a digital museum, we persistently advocate for exploration, research, curation, production, and promotion through our social media channels.

Our Story

The space is located between the Miguel Hidalgo delegation and the municipality of Naucalpan, on the site of a plastic factory from the 1940s. Its development, started in 2012, involved the renovation of the original building and the addition of new spaces, resulting in an innovative project designed by architect Mauricio Rocha, an award-winning specialist in the creation of cultural spaces throughout the country.

The choice of this area was due to its high level of growth, with a surrounding population of nearly 3 million inhabitants.

The space was inaugurated in September 2015 and has over 5,000 m2 of constructed area, including three exhibition galleries (1,500, 1,000, and 520 square meters), an auditorium for 180 people, four multipurpose classrooms, a cafeteria, a store, a restaurant, and a terrace.

In April 2020, the permanent closure of the exhibition venue was announced. However, through our online platforms, we invite you to explore a distinctive perspective of contemporary visual imagery and culture.

Our beliefs

Our initial goals of promoting education around the image have not changed. We have only adapted to new creative opportunities that the world offers in this post-pandemic reality of 2020.

We believe that photography is not what it used to be: the photographic language expands to other media, new means, and artistic disciplines, and museums must adapt to new forms of cultural production and consumption.

We are convinced that research, curation, production, and exhibition of the image and its possibilities are a permanent laboratory of experimentation.

Education is the great social equalizer in various aspects of our daily reality, and the image is the great thread that runs through culture.


Pedro Meyer


Elena Rosales

Archivo Pedro Meyer

Fernanda Virgen

Director Casa Coyoacán Galería

Sofía Melgar


Alexis Ortiz González

Editorial Design

Marisol Molina