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Carlos Hahn 


Born in Mexico City in 1955.

He studied Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at the Metropolitan Autonomous University, graduating in 1980. He served as a professor at the same university from 1981 to 1992.

An active member of the Yohualli Photographic Club, he participated in bimonthly competitions, seminars, and photographic events from 1972 to 1989.

He has worked as a professional photographer since 1981 for various magazines, collaborated on art books, product photography, and advertising. He has worked with publishing houses such as Mexican Architects, Arts of Mexico, Prisma-Origin of Art, Sierra Madre Group, Aerial Impressions, Northword Press, and National Geographic, among others.

Author of the book collection ‘México Hecho a Mano’ North, South, and Center.

Author of the book collection ‘México 360º’ Textures and Color, Markets.

Author of the books: ‘Horizontes’ (Graphic Arts Award) and ‘Colores.’

Gastronomic calendars for TepozRosa (breast cancer support) for 8 consecutive years.

Awards: Comfot 1993, Conabio 1999, Kodak 1999, Industries ABB 2000.

Throughout his career, he has participated in collective and individual exhibitions such as “The Other Side of Your City,” “Flower of a Day,” “A Long Approach,” “Magical Flowers,” “Mexico Made by Hand” (individual exhibition at the Rejas de Reforma), “Mexico Light and Color,” “Horizons” in Budapest and Vienna in 2022 and 2023.

Some of his works are part of the collection of the Bank of Mexico.

His interest in Mexican traditions has led him to travel throughout Mexico, building a substantial photographic archive. 

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