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My name is Romina Solís, and I have been working as a photographer for 8 years in the field of photojournalism in Mexico City. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Latitudes Press agency, Notimex, and currently, I work at El Sol de México newspaper.

Growing up between the states of Puebla and Tabasco, where my parents are from, has marked me significantly. This experience allowed me to meet many people and hear their stories. Now, with my camera, I have the opportunity to photograph these individuals and their stories, as well as share the narratives that accompany my journey.

The date of September 19, 1985, is crucial for the country due to the earthquake, and for me personally, as it marks my birthday. My mother was in a hospital that suffered damage, and we ended up in another hospital where I was born. This date is important to me as it not only signifies my life but also the opportunity I had with my mother to exist in this world. Covering the 2017 earthquake brought about mixed feelings, as an unexpected event occurred again, but I had to exercise my profession.

The past years of my life have been spent rushing between assignments and events, covering the most relevant incidents of the present. The most important aspect for me is capturing moments of the culture and beliefs in our country. One such belief is the devotion to Santa Muerte in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in the heart of Mexico City, Tepito. Tepito is a popular neighborhood where faith and beliefs hold great importance.

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