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Edmundo Gutiérrez Martínez was born in the city of Aguascalientes.

He studied a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Research at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes and completed a diploma in Demography at the training center of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

In the field of photography, he is self-taught, although he took a course in development and printing at the Visual Arts Center, ICA, with Professor Carlos Llamas Orenday.

He has received several state and national awards, including a third place in the national competition of Cuarto Oscuro magazine. He won first place in the national Chicahuales competition in 2019 and first place in photography in the “Primer Libro 2009” competition organized by the Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes (ICA) with the series titled “Mannequins.”

He participated in the photography competition “Fiestas y Festejos Populares 2013,” organized by the Aguascalientes Municipal Institute of Culture (IMAC) and Cuartoscuro magazine. His work was selected in the final stage, and he participated in a collective exhibition of winners and finalists at the Regional Museum of History (INAH) in Aguascalientes.

Some of his individual exhibitions include:

– “Personajes Encontrados” exhibition for Fotoseptiembre 2009 at the Visual Arts Center, ICA.
– “Mis Pequeñas Niñas, Miradas de Infancia” exhibition for Fotoseptiembre 2011 at the Francisco Díaz de León Gallery, Casa Terán, ICA.
– “Retrospectiva” exhibition at the State Normal School of Aguascalientes in November 2013.
– “Actos y Signos de Fe” exhibition at the Regional Museum of History (INAH) in 2014.
– “Visitando a mis Muertos” exhibition as part of the Museum of Death in 2016.
– “Elucubraciones y Otras Visiones” exhibition at Casa Terán in 2017.

He has also participated in collective exhibitions and contributed photographic collaborations to the newspaper La Jornada Aguascalientes in the Fotofilia and Guardagujas supplements. Edmundo Gutiérrez Martínez has been published in the digital magazine One Shoot and Cuartoscuro magazine, including a special issue dedicated to photographers from Aguascalientes.

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